Indexable Tools


■ We use Siemens UG-NX for design of Boring Bar.

This helps in accurate design by analyzing machining performance, calculating tool weight, feasibility.

■ Max. no of permissible combination in design can be offered to customers which are feasible too.


■ We have Hitek CNC shop which includes VMC from Hwacheon Korea with NC table from Nikken.

■ VMC has a die-mould features which helps in giving highest finish value in pocket milling with accuracy of seats.

■ 4th & 5th axis provides flexibility of compound angle machining with excellent indexing accuracy, control runout.


■ All tools are measured with Zoller Smart check machine in process and also at final stage.

■ Final inspection includes setting as per Tool Drawing with Diameter & length. Pre- Inspection includes the checking of steel for hardness, scales before processing for blank.

■ Also the boring bar, indexable tools will be provided with fine balancing.

■ Most important that Insert screws are imported and not just a fastner.

■ Inhouse Air Guages to measure taper shank in AT3 class tolerance.