Solid Carbide Tools

  Complete Tool Manufacturing & Reconditioning on 5 Axis CNC Tool & Cutter Grinder ( ANCA & WALTER )

• 5 Axis CNC Tool & Cutter Grinders to meet the demands of the industry in terms of quality, accuracy & speed.

• Addition of Helitronic Power Machine from "Walter" to our fleet helps us to set ourselves "Up" in the business of tool manufacturing.

• Software options of ANCA & WALTER enables us to provide you optimal drill point geometry, special profile & Combination tools.

• And all this with Precision in terms of accuracy &Surface Finish

  Zoller Genius 3

• Zoller Genius provides us the extra edge to inspect every parameter on cutting edge almost 120 useful parameters can be inspected.

• Key points like core diameter, hook angle are the major players in tool performances are measured with Genius.

• It also helps us for reverse engineering.

  Hi-resolution Video Image Magnification & Precision Inspection

• Every tool is checked real time during the process as well as after completion.

• This is accomplished by the use of high-resolution optics built in our PC based inspection machine.

• All the important geometry points are easy to check & can be record as a library.